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Quang Duong · About Me

Picture of Quang and his cat Chickadee

I'm a CS Ph.D student at UT Austin as of Fall 2020 and working with Dr. Calvin Lin's group in computer architecture prediction tasks. In particular, I'm working on producing practical predictors (both hardware and neural) using machine learning techniques in saliency, distillation, and explainable AI.

My hobbies include reading anything from high fantasy to romance, belting out songs in the shower whenever I'm fully convinced there is no one around to hear my caterwauling, and indulging in the world's two highest forms of humor--puns and self-deprecation. I can commonly be found ricing my Arch distro, entertaining ridiculous research and project ideas, or redesigning this website for the umpteenth time as my tastes in aesthetics change.

Pictured on the right is my mostly black and a smidgeon white munchkin cat, Chickadee.


  • Machine Learning for Computer Architecture Prediction Tasks
  • Saliency, Distillation, and Explainable AI (XAI)
  • NLP / AI / ML / Data Science

And outside of research, I generally dabble in:

  • Procedural Generation / Graphics / Physical Simulation
  • Security


You can view my curriculum vitae here. Last updated June 29, 2022.